We women are busy. Busy trying hard. Busy working to do things right.

We attend Bible studies. We participate in small groups. We read books about God.

And yet something is missing . . . and we're a bit worn out.

We need to hear words, just for us, encouraging us on, reminding us what is most true—about our identities, about our lives, about God.

Would life be different then? Would we be different?

Can you imagine?

Read Loop.

What Loop Is:

Loop is simply this: a twice-a-week email devotional for busy Christian women who want weekly encouragement from God. Specificaly, Loop is a collection of whispers to my heart as I asked God what He wants to say to his daughters: Christian women who are busy. Christian women who are weary. Christian women who are lost. Christian women who are finally ready to lay down their burdens. Christian women who are eager to abandon the lies they've been believingabout God, about themselves, about how they are made and what they are designed to do. Loop is written for you.

What Loop is Not

Loop is not a replacement for reading Scripture; nor is it a replacement of Scripture. It is simply a nudge, a layering of love song, a note scrawled down and folded a half dozen times and passed to you across the kitchen table. Opened up, the note is an invitation to listen to God's whispers, not just with your head but with your heart. For Loop could not have been written down to begin withfor it would not have been heardif the listener was not present with expectation and an open heart.

How to Read Loop

Here is an invitation for you. Read Loop in a quiet place, if you can. Or read it in the in-between moments, the minutes before work and/or after school drop off, the minutes when you go to the sink for a glass of water, or when you are about to do your turn walking the dog. Read it in the morning when you rise, or at night, right before you go to sleep. A place of stillness is best, as it is in that place you are most likely able to be attentive to the concerns of your own heart. However, anywhere will dofor God is going to speak to you any way he can.

It is intentional that Loop is shared to subscribers by email, for free, twice a week. It slips quietly into your inbox each Monday and Thursday morning. Reflecting on just one Loop at a time, for a few days, before moving on to the next one, is a good way to go. No matter how or when you read Loop, though, I encourage you to listen carefully to the words. After all, this is a letter just for you. What is God speaking to your heart?

Return to the devotional throughout the week, as each time you read it, the words will have new meaning. Each Loop is going to be received by the listener in a different, and new, way every time. And that's the best.

PERSONAL & PROPHETIC: you'll  hear God's words to you, His beloved daughter

BEAUTIFUL & INSPIRING: you'll be guided into deeper relationship with God

WRITTEN FOR WOMEN: you'll get life-changing words on issues women face

TWO PER WEEK: you’ll get 2 readings each week: one Monday, one Thursday



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