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I'm Jennifer Camp, and I love God. I'm also the Amazon best selling author of Breathing Eden, and I run Gather, a Christian nonprofit, with my husband, Justin. We live on the San Francisco Peninsula with our three children and one very insecure dog. I also write at my blog, and I'm a contributing writer at iBelieve.com.  

The Loop devotions capture what I hear when I simply ask God, "What do you have to say to your girls?" While they're prophetic words, they are different than Scripture, of course. They are not inspired the way Scripture is inspired. That said, Loop always brings me (and many other women) closer to God. I hope it brings you closer, too.

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"Jennifer's words always bring me home to who I am in Him." Lisa-Jo Baker, Community Manager (in)courage

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"These are deep and startling . . . just what our souls need." Nancy Ortberg, CEO Transforming the Bay with Christ

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"Reminiscent of Jesus Calling, Loop beckons me into the heart of the Father." Emily Wierenga, author Atlas Girl

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"A whisper from God straight to our hearts." Jennifer Dukes Lee, author The Happiness Dare

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